If you would like to vote Kovacs onto the NJ Hall of Fame, click here: https://t.co/rLfuYRux4B https://t.co/DIUqAudqNQ

10-10-2018 via twitter

We agree! Thanks Jeff and The Trentonian for this! Kovacs needs to be in the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Won’t you hel… https://t.co/wGKDIrKDOQ

10-10-2018 via twitter

Come on out Dallas texas, USA! Ernie Kovacs Award-> Amy Sedaris at the Dallas VideoFest Dec. 8! https://t.co/s6xyfhIgkX

11-14-2018 via twitter

What’s not to love about Martin Short aka Jiminy Glick? It’s not everyone who could get in Xavier Cugat, Don Adams,… https://t.co/uMbiPooavS

11-07-2018 via twitter

We’ll be announcing the 2018 Ernie Kovacs Award recipient at the Dallas VideoFest shortly. It’s a great one and it… https://t.co/d7opVrmECJ

10-23-2018 via twitter

Pre-order! https://t.co/fGX58atAHr

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Want to own a piece of Hollywood History? Are you an Edie Adams fan? If so, check out this Heritage Auctions lot of… https://t.co/n5VuMpD2w6

10-18-2018 via twitter

These are so great. Really amazing Kovacs art! https://t.co/WxlNKxiTgR

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Out now! Did you get your copy? If not.... https://t.co/fGX58atAHr

11-15-2018 via twitter

Are you a fan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? Did you happen to catch this Kovacs reference on the episode “The Disap… https://t.co/ZNZzzwtlFF

11-08-2018 via twitter

With Halloween over, maybe you are looking for a nice Christmas gift for the Kovacs fan in your life? If so, you ca… https://t.co/YhhK2bzHlA

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Have you orders your limited edition Ernie Kovacs lithographs yet? If not, check them out here! https://t.co/18mDy3buIs

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Have you ordered your Centennial Edition box set yet? If not, you can get it here! https://t.co/fGX58atAHr

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Kovacs. The Tonight Show. Whattaya need, a rad map? Great article. All true. #ErnieKovacs # #ShoutFactory https://t.co/BxDM24DBoJ

10-13-2018 via twitter

Have you ordered your limited edition Ernie Kovacs lithographs? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....mor… https://t.co/27bw81l1Hm

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Out now! Have you gotten your copy yet? Christmas is just around the corner! #ErnieKovacs #ErnieKovacsCentennial https://t.co/fGX58atAHr

11-16-2018 via twitter

Do you know the story of Barbara Loden who got her start on Ernie's shows? Her film WANDA de Barbara Loden (1971) i… https://t.co/Ego65OvvXj

11-09-2018 via twitter

A little bit more on Amy Sedaris (or is it At Home With Amy Sedaris or is it Amy Sedaris' Medicine Cabinet) receivi… https://t.co/YzMSXcCNCs

11-09-2018 via twitter

Now it can be told. Amy Sedaris will receive the Ernie Kovacs award at the Dallas VideoFest on December 8 at 7:30pm… https://t.co/FCn7Ax8BQw

11-09-2018 via twitter

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chrithmath: Have you pre-ordered the 9 DVD, career spanning “Ernie Kovacs: The C… https://t.co/Oi6TYYPK6d

11-02-2018 via twitter
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