Who can tell us more about Bobby Lauher, Kovacs cast member in Los Angeles? https://t.co/vNstLDaUB5

02-06-2019 via twitter

We are so happy for the family and estate of Gregory Hines. Somehow they cracked the code! He’s very deserving of b… https://t.co/Pt47dprHLW

01-29-2019 via twitter

If you can’t get enough of the podcasts, Kovacs and the National Comedy Center (we can’t). This goes aaaaaallllll t… https://t.co/Sj4kZiTD7R

01-29-2019 via twitter

More on Kovacs and the National Comedy Center for 2019! #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial #NCC #NationalComedyCenter https://t.co/tXe3uyXSG9

01-29-2019 via twitter

The Arkansas Times loves Ernie! Thanks Sharon! https://t.co/m09guNeoEA

01-31-2019 via twitter

Just added to the Kovacs store! On sale now. #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial #poster https://t.co/t61VeqhU9P

01-31-2019 via twitter

More love for Ernie Kovacs! #ernieKovacs #KovacsCentennial https://t.co/rwdcJFMdKv

01-24-2019 via twitter

The hits just keep on coming! The great Susan King (who also moderated the UCLA Film & Television Archive event las… https://t.co/KlEaa5RAnr

01-24-2019 via twitter

More Ernie Kovacs news today! National Comedy Center in Western New York is doing a major Kovacs Centennial exhibit… https://t.co/5XCsoXZMbA

01-24-2019 via twitter

“No more #%^*}][ Captains!!!!” Shouted Ernie in the trade papers. #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial #TCMParty… https://t.co/Rv5xLuHJWV

01-24-2019 via twitter

Uhm....the one they are showing is #8 not #7. Programming error!!! #TCMParty #TCMParty100 https://t.co/XdjjN4iQ7h

01-24-2019 via twitter

It’s Jack Benny’s birthday! Here’s Kovacs on “The Jack Benny Program”....#ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial #JackBenny https://t.co/CeF10gPpI8

02-14-2019 via twitter

We are trying to change this. Kovacs should be known more in Hungary.... https://t.co/gE5a2fFJqR

02-07-2019 via twitter

In all the madness of the Ernie Centennial, the UCLA Film & Television Archive, the Turner Classic Movies: TCM even… https://t.co/N04AiwE3si

01-27-2019 via twitter

Kovacs (and Edie Adams) archivist Ben Model has a blog. He frequently writes about Kovacs. Check out his latest on… https://t.co/8ogYRb34ZK

02-16-2019 via twitter

Who has seen Ernie in “Topaz” - a dramatic turn no less. Anyone want to weigh in? #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial #Topaz

02-02-2019 via twitter

Have you made your plans to come to the National Comedy Center August 7-11 this year for the "Ernie Kovacs Centenni… https://t.co/zzGJS7uHpV

02-11-2019 via twitter

Have you been to the Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams online store lately? New items from the archive! #ErnieKovacs #EdieAdams #KovacsCentennial

02-04-2019 via twitter

Thank you Vic Shuttee and Hail Satire! with Vic Shuttee for this great podcast interview with Kovacs archivist Ben… https://t.co/8yjuVGeqgM

02-08-2019 via twitter

What’s the one Kovacs item you wish would appear out of thin air that is currently “lost”? #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial

02-01-2019 via twitter
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