Lots about Trenton of late....have you 'liked' this page? #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial #Trentoniana… https://t.co/IqOL1iU6Ep

03-27-2019 via twitter

Would you look at that. Monty Python is celebrating their 50th and Ernie’s 100th birthday in the same year! Congrat… https://t.co/WGZnoxv4Kg

06-26-2019 via twitter

The things you find in the archive. #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial

07-03-2019 via twitter

If you are a member of the The Los Angeles Breakfast Club one of the oldest clubs in the city, come check out “Erni… https://t.co/uRIA6AfZlM

04-03-2019 via twitter

Amazing to think that in 2019 you can still buy an out-of-print, rare, autographed (!) copy of Ernie Kovacs novel “… https://t.co/ZvSR462jWK

06-25-2019 via twitter

Kovacs never made it to Laserdics but this 1991 interview in the Los Angeles Times with Edie Adams around the time… https://t.co/Ql9xjHYJ6y

06-25-2019 via twitter

Have you ordered your limited edition Kovacs lithographs framed or unframed? They are really terrific! Only at Shou… https://t.co/8wCmSIqM7h

04-02-2019 via twitter

Happy 4th of July!

07-04-2019 via twitter

According to Edie's writings in the archives, this was Ernie and Edie Adams song when they first met was "The Nearn… https://t.co/tRq6m9Ouic

04-04-2019 via twitter

Just one of the items you can find at https://t.co/qi4EyjpKuL. DVDs, LPs, CDs, books, posters, rarities. Take a goo… https://t.co/Uf1vC3YiJl

06-30-2019 via twitter

I think they like it! Thx Nudisc!!! https://t.co/9P8Fg3kzAo

07-07-2019 via twitter

Our friends at Shout! Factory still have these rare Kovacs prints available for purchase framed or unframed. Kovacs… https://t.co/u62U3dnhAB

06-29-2019 via twitter

The Second Disc weighs in on the new Kovacs reissue (with 6 bonus tracks) from Omnivore Recordings! #ErnieKovacs… https://t.co/BVLeXnu0GD

07-01-2019 via twitter

Within a few short weeks, we will be announcing more Kovacs live events in Los Angeles, New York and our first-ever… https://t.co/RPWHErjDyn

07-01-2019 via twitter

What day you Kovacs fans? Thanks to Kelly and Mark for bringing this to our attention. Anyone have a contact at The… https://t.co/53pTOZeBor

04-08-2019 via twitter

Ernie Kovacs doesn't grow on trees. Or maybe he does. From the The New York Times. 1982. #ErnieKovacs #NewYorkTimes… https://t.co/cHBKTXiYdq

03-29-2019 via twitter

Have you checked out the new Ernie Kovacs CD reissue from Omnivore Recordings? Sounds of Blue has! https://t.co/EwWipgGpsc

06-28-2019 via twitter

The Yonkers Tribune weighs in on the new Kovacs CD from Omnivore Recordings! #ErnieKovacs #YonkersTribune… https://t.co/aF0JZprlcA

06-28-2019 via twitter

Tonight!!! Much Ernie & Edie Adams to unpack here. Take a listen to TV Confidential: A radio talk show about televi… https://t.co/8DQLfd2to1

04-05-2019 via twitter

So how many of you knew “North to Alaska” originally named “The Alaskans”? But did you know it was called “Go North… https://t.co/MOwedZVbsg

04-05-2019 via twitter
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