If you are a SiriusXM subscriber - look out for an interview with Josh Mills, from the estates of Ernie Kovacs and… https://t.co/qQYSyTrcJh

08-29-2018 via twitter

"Television: A medium. So called because it is neither rare nor well done." - E.K.

08-22-2018 via twitter

Kovacs fans might recognize the name of this director as one of his cast members.....if you are in LA, we suggest y… https://t.co/ZeyA2RzzIr

08-15-2018 via twitter

Why don’t you head over to https://t.co/g6igaGNPRz and sign up for our mailing list? Big news coming soon you won’t… https://t.co/mobYD7ywEh

08-15-2018 via twitter

3 questions... 1. Have you visited? 2. Where is it? 3. Do you have a photo? https://t.co/ikkJdkaKAq

09-04-2018 via twitter

We lost a true giant yesterday. Henri Bollinger was both Ernie and Edie Adams publicist but became a loyal friend… https://t.co/0NAYzW6tzX

08-28-2018 via twitter

Have you visited https://t.co/g6igaGNPRz and signed up for our guest list with news and more? You should.....big ne… https://t.co/C04V6SwHvI

08-14-2018 via twitter

Disappointed for the umpteenth time in #CNN's #historyofcomedy for not including Kovacs anywhere in any of their sh… https://t.co/qeziDORFek

08-07-2018 via twitter

Thinking only positive and healing vibes to 2016 Dallas VideoFest Ernie Kovacs Award winner Michael Nesmith & The F… https://t.co/idkeUItHao

07-26-2018 via twitter

We are just over 4 months away from celebrating the Ernie Kovacs Centennial. We think you are going to like what we have planned.

07-26-2018 via twitter

Did you know this album was nominated for a Grammy by the The Recording Academy in 1977? https://t.co/4jrOBBFErb

08-23-2018 via twitter

We are here! Can’t wait to see Kovacs “stuff” exhibited! https://t.co/zxRfLhcwHq

08-02-2018 via twitter

Watch this space for Kovacs centennial news coming next week.....

08-05-2018 via twitter

2019 is Kovacs Centennial. We’ve got some big news coming next week. The first of many. Stay tuned....

08-05-2018 via twitter

Look who loves Kovacs. We love Amy Sedaris and At Home With Amy Sedaris! #amysedaris #emmy #erniekovacs #moresoon https://t.co/Y7fdMrw27j

08-25-2018 via twitter

Happy birthday to Yma Sumac who would have turned 95 today https://t.co/j1JjozVZr3

09-10-2018 via twitter

Kovacs and Edie Adams Archivist Ben Model is in the The Wall Street Journal discussing the recent popularity of - s… https://t.co/4C7WqIiSNZ

09-03-2018 via twitter

Will we see you at the National Comedy Center this week? Some rare Kovacs items will be on display! https://t.co/IxJBsTs7wv

07-30-2018 via twitter

Will we see you at the National Comedy Center in Jamestown NY next week? https://t.co/nR8zsgyNzj

07-23-2018 via twitter

Anyone visiting the National Comedy Center in Jamestown next week? Will we see you there? Let us know! https://t.co/GpZy16xRgB

07-23-2018 via twitter
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