If you are a Michael Nesmith fan (and we certainly are, he received the Ernie Kovacs Award at the 2016 Dallas Video… https://t.co/MOac4f0xbJ

03-13-2019 via twitter

Here’s a great article from 1991 in the Chicago Tribune on Kovacs from Edie Adams. Some fun quotes in here. And of… https://t.co/oksH7PAzEu

03-06-2019 via twitter

Feel free to invite your friends to “like” our page. Hell, if you were invited - “like” our page! #DORF #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial

02-27-2019 via twitter

Big news!!!! Congrats to the National Comedy Center! Festival week August 7-11 give you a first look at the “Ernie… https://t.co/qaK1yOLaNe

03-12-2019 via twitter

Congratulations to the National Comedy Center! You better start making your plans for festival week at the NCC so y… https://t.co/sJfKk4Jmc9

03-12-2019 via twitter

DVDs. Or streaming via Shout!Factory. #ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial https://t.co/ZwhPsy9tQE

03-12-2019 via twitter

If you are in Cleveland - “Our Man in Havana” is coming this Sat. March 9 at 6pm to the Main Library Auditorium. https://t.co/O0QwGOpDlQ

03-05-2019 via twitter

It’s Jackie Gleason’s birthday today. “How Sweet it is” https://t.co/RdSTD4siIe

02-26-2019 via twitter

Thank you to Stu for his marathon deep dive into the genius of Ernie Kovacs for his Centennial. Lots of talk, lots… https://t.co/Hj9XvcwAo0

03-14-2019 via twitter

In cast you missed it....The Stu Shostack Telethon (aka Stu's https://t.co/DwLrTkkNXG) on Ernie Kovacs Centennial i… https://t.co/w52GjGVZg7

03-14-2019 via twitter

Belated congratulations to George Schlatter (& his wife, Kovacs cast member Jolene Brand) for the Netflix special “… https://t.co/24nhQSMJaq

03-14-2019 via twitter

Many thanks to the Tennessee Ernie Ford estate for the mini clip they provided us from "The Ford Show" in 1958. He… https://t.co/QYLseiSh4p

03-07-2019 via twitter

Very sorry reading about the death of Andre Previn today. He worked with Ernie (and Edie Adams) often, including th… https://t.co/vZE4KwHsOl

02-28-2019 via twitter

If you are in Los Angeles tonight, head on over to the best cinema in the city, the New Beverly Cinema for a rare s… https://t.co/QuJ7DdIgXm

02-28-2019 via twitter

Itching to announce more Kovacs Centennial live events on the East Coast in May. Hang tight folks.....#ErnieKovacs #KovacsCentennial

03-03-2019 via twitter

Friends - tune in to Stu's Show - LIVE! - Saluting Ernie Kovacs on His 100th Birthday this Wed. at 4pm PST/7pm EST… https://t.co/cLTVL8rPly

03-11-2019 via twitter

Just throwing it out there. If you know of or have a connection witb a museum, university, film or TV society who m… https://t.co/B5nweMilyu

03-04-2019 via twitter

If you are not following Ben Model’s blog, you are missing some serious Kovacs knowledge. Stuff NOBODY knows but Be… https://t.co/4NktTILigX

03-08-2019 via twitter

Leonard Koznofsky Matzoh Hepplewhite Mother Rustic O’Brien Eugene Pierre Ragout ..... We just might have discovere… https://t.co/GQFtZV2AhT

03-01-2019 via twitter

Thank you Ed! #ErnieKovacs#KovacsCentennial #TVConfidential https://t.co/7lfJ8OjSNJ

03-01-2019 via twitter
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